JDH Morgans

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Renaissance Aislin

Registered Section A Welsh Pony Mare

18 years old.

Sire: Bulteals Saffron (Alderdale Jessie & Penarwyn Ginger)

Dam: Liannas Pitina (Nebelstreif Begad & Liannas HY Poppins)

Buckskin mare with chrome.

Miss Me Later
Registered AQHA Mare
5 years old
Sire: Electric Power Often (JB Power Ten & NM Carmen Electra)
Dam: DF Miss Priss (Im Not A Blue Boy & DF Genuine Zandy)
15 HH

*Scheduled for training in 2019, stay tuned for updates*

Renaissance China Doll

Registered Section A Welsh Pony Mare

19 years old.

Sire: Liannas Saqqarah (Twyford Dollar Money & Liannas Golden Girl)

Dam: Liannas Pitina (Nebelstreif Bengad & Liannas HY Poppins)


JDH Precious Pita

Registered Section A Welsh Pony Mare

7 years old

Sire: Bulteals Saffron (Alderdale Jessie & Penarwyn Ginger)

Dam: Renaissance China Doll (Liannas Saqqarah & Liannas Pitina)

Bay with chrome


Registered Andalusian Mare

Sire: Dax Duro (Afamado & Isabella)

Dam: Ciara (Bizarro X & Isabella)



Standard Donkey Jenny


*In foal to  "Frostnip" for a 2019 Standard Donkey Foal*

Kiss My Boo

Registered APHA Filly
Sire: SAQ Mccues Wrangler (Mccues Kat Tux & Judge Her Feathers)
Dam: Little Bo China Doll (Docs Leo Cutter & Little Bo Penny)
Red Dun and White Overo with 2 BLUE eyes!
*Owned by our niece Lexi McAdams* 


Registered Partbred Morgan Mare
10 years old
Sire: Beams Dream Maker (Sable Knight Cruiser & Silver Sierra Dreammaker)
Dam: Crease Magic (Beams Bold Commando & Riojons Sheba)
Black Bay- No White

Wii Grand Prix
Registered Canadian Warmblood Mare
11 years old
Sire: Wilton (Now Or Never & Anieta)
Dam: Latte III (Lancaster & Fleet Tush)

*Scheduled to be bred to Elusive Enchantment for a 2020 Sport Horse Foal. Future foal is eligible for paperwork with Canadian Warmblood Registry* 

JDH Babydoc

Registered AQHA Filly
Sire: High Country Pharlap (Ebony Starlight & Thunder Dial Tone)
Dam: Ridge Road Diamond (Jack Two Diamond & Sandridge Mable)
Grulla with white hind sock and white star

Coaltown Gossip
Registered AQHA Mare
25 years old
Sire: Coaltown Prince (Mito Paint & Coaltown Queen)
Dam: Ladys Good News (Newsworthy & Miss Lea Cody)

Crease Magic

Morab Mare

28 years old

Sire: Beams Bold Commando

Dam: Riojons Sheba 


Mammoth Donkey Jenny
Black Bay in Colour
*In foal to  "Frostnip" for a 2019 Standard/Mammoth foal*

6 years old
Sire: Poco Dun Leo SB (Heir To Poco & Poco Dun Okie)

Dam: Preffered Silky Socks (Preferred Monkey & Barbs Silky Sox)
Bay- No White
*Scheduled to be bred to "Steadys White Knight" (Cremello AQHA Stallion) in 2019*


Mammoth Donkey Filly
2 years old