JDH Morgans

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Custom Order MORGAN Foals




Have you ever DREAMED of producing a foal that is bonded to you? 

A bond so strong that is surpasses understanding? 

A foal that matures into an animal so magnificent but yet so incredibly kind and amazingly gentle in nature?

A foal that matures into a horse that is all "heart", who without a doubt will live its entire live trying to please YOU? 

A horse that doesn't understand the word "exhaustion" from a full days work on cattle? 

When you ask for MORE, this horse will gladly and without hesitation give you everything he/she has left. 

This foal will grow  and mature into being YOUR best friend, your soul mate, a contender and an athlete!

A horse that is incredibly athletic, naturally talented as well as unbelievably versatile!

The horse that can take peoples breath away in the show ring, but yet enter the cutting pen with raw natural talent and leave that WOW factor. 

This is the same horse you will trust with your loved ones, without hesitation or worry.

A horse that has such a fierce bond with YOU, that you will call this your "soul" horse. 

This horse for you, is brave, courageous and fearless.

A horse that would give up its own life if asked for YOU.

This horse is a MORGAN.

A Morgan foal that you have the opportunity to create that will surpass all your future hopes and dreams. 

A custom creation of YOURS. 

This is an opportunity for you to creatively select one of our quality Morgan mares as well as one of our quality Morgan stallions that will compliment each other on conformation, disposition, movement, and bloodlines. 

You will NOT have the expense of owning a mare and stallion. 

Consider this as kindly "skipping" a step in creation. 

Once you select the quality Morgan mare and Morgan stallion.

You will be able to ENJOY the waiting, the delivery, the raising, the training, the bonding as well as the unconditional love and FUN that you will receive in years to come from your custom order Morgan! 

This custom order Morgan foal will be YOUR "Dream" horse.